Paris, France. January 2020

"It's been called the "London book of our lifetime". Multi award-winning novelist Guy Gunaratne talks to Eve Jackson about their stunning debut "In Our Mad and Furious City". It unfolds over 48 hours during a summer of unrest, beginning when an off-duty soldier is murdered by a black man on a London council estate, an echo of the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in 2013."

Stockholm, Sweden. October 2019

Babel for Swedish SVT where I spoke about In Our Mad and Furious City in translation. (Atlas - trans. Erik MacQueen)

Watch on SVT

UK: London Live

London, UK. May 2019

From London Live: "The author of 'In Our Mad and Furious City' Guy Gunaratne has just won one of the most prestigious awards a young writer can get - the International Dylan Thomas Prize 2019."

Waterstones: Shelfie

Waterstones Tottenham Court Road

Recommending some of my favourite novels and poetry collections. Samuel Beckett, Nawal el-Sadaawi, James Baldwin and Derek Walcott.

In Our Mad and Furious City - PAPERBACK


A short trailer for the paperback release of In Our Mad and Furious City, produced by Tinder Press 

In Our Mad and Furious City - HARDBACK

A short introduction of In Our Mad and Furious City, produced by Tinder Press 

Documentary Trailer: Forgive Me Mother

Produced & Edited - Guy Gunaratne

A documentary on formerly abducted child soldiers and returnees and the efforts around reconciliation in Northern Uganda.

Documentary Trailer: The Truth That Wasn't There

Directed, Produced & Edited  - Guy Gunaratne

A documentary on post-conflict Sri Lanka shot in the immediate aftermath of civil war. The documentary was picked up by Amnesty International and won an award at the FSA2011 film festival where the jury cited that the film "pushes the debate around the very idea of documentary as truth telling – especially in a new digital age where the boundaries of newer documenting mediums will increasingly blur."

Al Jazeera: Guatemala: An era of security for journalists?

Video Journalism - Guy Gunaratne

The Listening Post's Marcela Pizarro speaks to people on both sides of Guatemala's media story - from Lucia Escobar, a journalist who has been forced to go into hiding, to the country's new president who has promised an era of security for journalists.