In Our Mad and Furious City - out April 19th

A short introduction of In Our Mad and Furious City, produced by Tinder Press 

TEDx: Storytelling and Human Rights

TED East End, London - 2012

I was asked to do a TEDx talk on the theme 'Beyond Borders'. I spoke about my experience as a documentary filmmaker covering human rights issues in Northern Uganda. 

Lecture: The Legacy of Malcolm X

Concordia University, Montreal - 2012

I gave a lecture about the Legacy of Malcolm X, evolving your own political perspective, and what Malcolm personally meant to me growing up. However, I'm beginning to wonder if I'd advocate today for the kind of moderation I do here. Times change.

Amnesty International Documentary: Tour Film (I)

The first leg of touring our documentary The Truth That Wasn't There with Amnesty International. My producer and I visited across mid-western states and university campuses. 

Documentary Trailer: Forgive Me Mother

Produced & Edited - Guy Gunaratne

A documentary on formerly abducted child soldiers and returnees and the efforts around reconciliation in Northern Uganda.

Documentary Trailer: The Truth That Wasn't There

Directed, Produced & Edited  - Guy Gunaratne

A documentary on post-conflict Sri Lanka shot in the immediate aftermath of civil war. The documentary was picked up by Amnesty International and won an award at the FSA2011 film festival where the jury cited that the film "pushes the debate around the very idea of documentary as truth telling – especially in a new digital age where the boundaries of newer documenting mediums will increasingly blur."

Al Jazeera: Guatemala: An era of security for journalists?

Video Journalism - Guy Gunaratne

The Listening Post's Marcela Pizarro speaks to people on both sides of Guatemala's media story - from Lucia Escobar, a journalist who has been forced to go into hiding, to the country's new president who has promised an era of security for journalists.