Pader, Uganda

It was strange walking back from Friends of Orphans after watching the World Cup Final with the kids there, and hearing news that I'd otherwise read instantly from the internet, the television or twitter. Walking through the pitch black evening pointing our torches to light our way you would believe that a place like this would be a 'breaking news' free zone. But a few minutes after the bomb blasts in Kampala had struck we heard - through word of mouth - of the news rippled through the cheering mass of people. I even got the number - 64 dead - a figure only clarified on the BBC News website this morning, it is still 60 on CNN.

We are fine. Kampala is a long way south of us though the Americans we were with showed some concern about the motivations of perpetrators - now believed to be al-Shabab a Somali militant group who are aggrieved at the presence of African Union troops in Mogadishu that includes Ugandan soldiers - but they also were worried about the targeting of places most frequented by 'Mzungu' white foreigners. By now though the apparent intention seems to do with Somalia and the African Union not America or the International community.