Pader, Uganda

Ugandan football commentary and coverage has a lot to be desired, but the World Cup games have had a lot of attention even here among the small township. Many have felt let down by England having lost to the Germans have demanded an explanation from us. They are met with sighs and shrugs from me and the others. It's Spain v Netherlands today and we are heading to Friends Of Orphans to collect the thoughts of the football mad youth there. The rag tag team here have no football boots but plenty of swagger, each one claims to be a star player and the teams playmaker - we want them to do the talking on the pitch so we'll ask them to join us in a kick around here in town.

On another note Heidi has come down with Acid Reflux. A reaction to the anti-malaria drug Doxycycline. Nothing serious but it seems to be very painful for her, chest pains etc. There is no doctor or hospital in town that would give her any confidence to go to. Instead we've googled it at the War Child offices and have come up with some helpful hints. She should be fine.

The days are still stretched, dead time made up by card games and storytelling. We have gotten to know the volunteers that are based here in Pader; Sandi a Peacecorp volunteer who has been here for 10 months, Ivan a Venezuelan football coach who together with Steve a young Swiss sports evangelist run a sports development project at Friends of Orphans. Dave, the youngest among us is a 17 year old kid from Rhode Island, he works as a missionary and computer skills teacher at FRO and Cathy, a Havard freshman who works for the Christian Counselling Fellowship. Hours often are spent talking, laughing sharing common observations on the locale. Good people brought together by a common purpose - to contribute and help.