Saeed I found hilarious, often moving. The choice to depict the experience of living in the occupied territories using satire is stunningly effective.

Moments that have stayed with me include Saeed's watching Yuuad leave the first (and second) time. His falling in love with Baqiyya:

"I mixed my tears with hers, an activity even more likely to preserve marriage than the mixing of blood in the veins of children."

Saeed's son Walaa becoming a fedaiy, the many reasons the boy gives for his choosing to fight while in a stand-off with the authorities. Baqiyya implores him to come out of hiding:

"Lay down your arms! The cellar is too small, you'll suffocate down there!"

"Suffocate? It was to breathe free that I came down into this cellar. To breathe in freedom just once. In my cradle you stifled my crying. As I grew and tried to learn to talk from what you said, I heard only whispers."

I highly recommend this. You'll laugh through the tears.