The New Statesman: "As a Londoner, it feels natural to write toward multiplicity" (The Goldsmiths Prize 2018)

Oxford Review of Books: "I'll leave that up to the reader..."

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The Guardian | Books Interview: "I read writers who make me feel brave."

Man Booker Prize 2018: "In this Man Booker 2018 longlisted author interview Guy Gunaratne tells us that the idea for In Our Mad and Furious City came from Gunaratne being disturbed by our collective reactions toward extremism"

The Riff Raff | My First Time with...: "It’s a beautiful thing to want to write. No-one can take it away or can give it to you."

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Audio Interviews:

Monocle24 Meet The Writers: "Gunaratne’s freshly published debut novel ‘In Our Mad and Furious City’ has seen him compared to Irvine Welsh, James Kellman and Ryan Gattiss. Here the author talks about how his second-generation immigrant narrative fed into his compelling first effort."

Audible Sessions: "In this exclusive interview, we talk to Guy about the inspiration behind his incredible story, Ben Bailey Smith’s narration of the audiobook and how his varied career so far influenced the writing of the book."

BBC Radio4 Frontrow: "Guy Gunaratne's debut novel, In Our Mad And Furious City, focuses on the lives of five inhabitants of a London Council Estate and explores themes of violence, extremism, and division in society over a 48 hour period. Guy joins Kirsty to discuss."

Mostly Lit Podcast: "This week we’re joined by author of In Our Mad and Furious City, Guy Gunaratne, as we discuss the inner workings of young London"

Brit Lit Podcast: "In Episode 17, we hear from Guy Gunaratne, whose debut novel In Our Mad and Furious City has just come out to wide and well-deserved acclaim. We talked about the impetus for his book, what he’s learned about storytelling from grime music and from his own work as documentary marker, and more."