We've landed a truly exceptional artist to voice the audiobook for In Our Mad and Furious City.

Ben Bailey Smith - Doc Brown for those who know him as a performer from his many other works - will be voicing Yusuf, Ardan, Selvon and Nelson. It'll be available on Audible etc on April 19th.

I’ve heard samples. It's captivating, special magic.

I personally put Ben’s name forward for the audiobook and I’m so grateful the team at Tinder Press managed it. The guy has a reputation for a rare kind of integrity and I know he wouldn’t do anything unless he rated it. I wouldn’t want it any other way, and so it means a lot.

And guys, the fact that a fellow NW native (he grew up in Kilburn, Willesden Green) will be voicing the voices in my head for all of you, is astounding. We had long chat yesterday, about art, music, industry fluff, saying no to work, saying yes when you must, finding space for creativity. We spoke about words and spoke about his sister Zadie.

Here he is talking about what he saw in the book: